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Tjok Dessauvage is born in 1948 in Izegem, Belgium. He was educated at the Sint-Lukas Academy in Gent. Tjok Dessauvage is without any doubt today’s master of the ancient technique of Terra Sigillata. The ceramic pot is turned on the wheel, after which the slip is added, without the use of glazes. The pot is then polished and fired in a kiln with a reduced atmosphere. Tjok Dessauvage then gives his personal comment, by grinding the pot and adding other materials like gold, porcelain or bone and thus marking the pot with graphic or pictorial accents. The message that he conveys in that way gives the work of art its weight and identity. Often the works have a magic expression, carrying a reflection on the world of today. Tjok Dessauvage can be inspired by mundane objects in his own environment or by his many trips abroad. It is always his own interpretation that brings the pots to life.

Tjok Dessauvage is widely famous for his work. He has won many prizes and has had countless exhibitions all over the world.