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Kjell Rylander (Personal show 2009).

Eva Hild- Artist Statement

My sculptures are bodies, exposed to pressure and movements.

My work is a reflection of my inner landscapes. Everyday, I experience the tension between presence and absence. The anxiety I feel is both constructive and destructive. My sculptures show me the necessity of opposites; they are paradoxes. Bodies where presence and absence meet. On one hand, it is the mass in thin layers, running in a meander-like closed movement. On the other hand it is the empty space that tell us the story; air and light forming volumes, described by the contours of the mass.

My fascination is about the relationship between the internal and external realities in my life as a human being. I reflect over the dualism between inside and outside, content and form, feeling and shape, impression and expression.

The shape consists of continuously flowing inner and outer surfaces. Like structures of frozen movements, experienced in life.