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Tjok Dessauvage (Personal show 2003).

Beate Andersen is born in 1942 in Denmark and educated in the early sixties at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen. She belongs to the absolute elite within Danish ceramics and is known for her symbolic forms, visual textures and optical impressions.

Since the late nineties, Beate Andersen has been concentrating on the "folded form" in stoneware with physical folding of the walls, dry texture and linear sequences in its decoration from golden/brown to grey/black. When Beate Andersen first exhibited in the gallery in 2000 as part of the well-known exhibition group Keramiske Veje, she was showing that kind of pieces.

In her present work called "Water Images", a series of both porcelain and stoneware, she is still folding the clay in a rhythmical sequence. But now, she is giving it a transparent glossy glaze, intended to give expression to sensations of seawater. It portrays the meeting between the undercurrents of water, the ripples of air and the reflexes of light on the water's surface.

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