Antonino Spoto

23/11/13 > 21/12/13

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Pure Elegance

Since 1979, Antonino Spoto has been a practicing Belgian physician specializing in anesthesiology. He is also, not incidentally, one of Belgium’s finest ceramic artists. Add to his medical degree from Université catholique de Louvain a degree with highest honors from Académie des Beaux-Arts de Charleroi after almost a decade and a half of intense study. Understand though, ceramic art is no mere hobby. It is not simple dabbling to relieve a mind from the stress of preserving life. Indeed, it is every bit as important in his everyday life as his other profession.

Antonino works exclusively on the wheel, turning exquisitely shaped vessels and bowls. Some are concave. Some are convex. Some are both and much, much more as well. He changes the size. He changes the shape. He closes one piece only to open another. Or does both on the same piece. He is always insisting that you explore the interior spaces—even when you cannot see but only imagine them. Antonino creates Some art critics have seen in this art a sense of melancholy. Others see only a window into infinity. This observer sees optimism and the purest essence of elegant form and color. His chromatic changes in color pull you into the transition between the two sides of the same wall, raising deep questions to consider. He offers you the opportunity to enter into a most extraordinary dialogue with his colors and shapes. This is intensity that radiates with a half-life that may surpass the time we have left to understand it. Nevertheless, it will no doubt be a journey full of revelations, probably not unlike traveling from Palestrina and Pergolesi to Stravinsky and Shostakovich.

While this is work that seems to assume the guise of minimalism, there are enormous uncharted depths here. You have been warned.

Noel Montrucchio